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I perform sessions over the phone, through Skype, and in person.


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    The only thing you need is an open mind and intention.
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    The likelihood of becoming physically harmed while tapping is very small. Emotions can be brought up that are intense, but there is very little risk for physical injury.
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    Some individuals achieve results within one round, while others may take several rounds or sessions to see results. Sometimes clients will notice changes and results a day or two after the session. It really depends on the one doing the tapping.
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    EFT works in rounds. A round consists of tapping through the specified points once. Generally, a round takes one to two minutes to complete depending on practitioner discretion. A session can last anywhere from a half hour to however long the practitioner or client feels is necessary and consists of several rounds of tapping, talking, and coaching if needed.
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    I will not physically touch the client or tap on the client's face/body. I will teach the proper technique and tap along with you to ensure you are doing it correctly. I want you to be able to tap on yourself without my presence or guidance. I teach you the skills so you can do it whenever and wherever you need to! :)
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    Yes! It only takes a few minutes to get the basic process down, and then you can be tapping in no time!